The Tools That Makes The Magic Happen

Here we have a detailed list of all the equipment and capabilities of BlueSonix all in one place.


Below find some of the equipment we bring to your event along with technical capabilities and interfacing options available.
BlueSonix was built with flexibility in mind. We can adapt to most scenarios and location challenges.

Streaming/Broadcasting Capabilities

  •  Stream to 30+ multiple social platforms at the same time such as Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and more.
  • Stream recording capabilities at the camera sources directly (for high resolution post-broadcasting editing), the mobile broadcast station (high-quality pre-streamed, mixed, feed for later editing or permanent storage) and the stream as the viewers experience it.
  • Overlay viewer chat into the mixed video feed for an interactive experience. Chat from multiple source can be mixed together and relayed between services to create a single chat feed.
  • Hi-gain WiFi antennas for hard to reach house Internet access. Hardwired Ethernet also available (preferred).
  • Backup Streaming Server cold-standby onsite.

Video Capabilities

  • (4) HDMI Inputs available for cameras, laptops or other video sources.
  • (2) high-definition video cameras with Zoom and wide-angle lens options creating multi-angle possibilities from 24mm to 400mm.
  • Cameras have dual-diversity HDMI wireless uplinks and can be placed via tri-pod anywhere within 300ft of the mobile broadcasting studio. No power or cabling is required at the camera locations.
  • Steadicam and Gimbal are available for in-motion video streaming, such as trade-show floors, interviews or other cases where the camera needs to be moving.
  • Any video source can be overlayed, mixed or produced with PIP (picture-in-picture) at the same time.
  • Any video source can be overlayed/mixed with a PowerPoint presentation or web browser page.
  • Output to house projector or TV systems via 1080p/1080i via HDMI.
  • Scene transitions can be corporate branded with an animation featuring your company logo.
  • Backgrounds, static images and watermarks can be customized with your corporate logo or content.
  • Pre-recorded videos can be looped for playback. Useful for breaks or before a session starts.
  • Ability to utilize green screens to seamlessly blend content, such as presentations, with camera personality.

Audio Capabilities

  • (2) Wireless Lapel MICs with a choice of headset mic or clip-on mic.
  • (2) Handheld Wireless MICs
  • Audio routing flexibility. Choice of MICs to broadcast via room PA only, streamed only, or both locally amplified via PA and streamed/broadcasted.
  • Individual control of gain/bass/mids/treble of each speakers microphone.
  • 15-band stereo graphic equalizer to customize mixed broadcast sound.
  • Ability to accept 1/4″, XLR or RCA inputs from external sources, such as live bands, which can be mixed with room microphones and the broadcast stream.
  • Choice of 1/4″, XLR or RCA room PA hand-offs. Multiple adapters and cable lengths available for a variety of house room scenarios.
  • Spotify integration for background, transition, intro or dinner music.
  • Ability to accept CD or USB drives with audio or music to be broadcast and played via the house PA system.
  • JBL 10″ Speaker System for Rooms without a PA System.
Video Conferencing Capabilities

  •  Support for all major virtual conferencing platforms such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Gotomeeting and Webex.
  • Ability to connect the virtual conference speaker audio to the room audio and broadcast stream. The broadcast stream and room audio can hear the virtual conference speakers/attendees.
  • Ability to connect the room/broadcast audio feed to the virtual conference microphone. Virtual attendees can hear what the broadcast stream hears.
  • The virtual conference attendees can see the mixed camera video of what the live stream and room projects/TVs can see.
  • The live stream/room video can treat the video conference as a video input source. The video can be overlayed like other video inputs, or placed full-screen.




BlueSonix utilizes the most up-to-date cutting edge professional film and video equipment available.
Our equipment is capable of recording in 4K resolution at up to 120fps.

Visual/Camera Capabilities

  • Sony A7Siii 4K 240fps Camera
  • Panasonic GH5S 4K Camera
  • Sony 24mm f1.4 G Master Full-Frame Wide-Angle Prime Lens
  • Sony 24-70mm f2.8 G Master Full-Frame Lens
  • Sigma 100mm-400mm f5DG DN Zoom Lens
  • Laowa 24mm f14 Macro Probe Lens (Specialty)
  • Panasonic 12-60mm Lecia f2.8-4.0 Lens


  • (2) Aputure LS 300x Bi-Color LED 350W Lights
  • (2) Aputure LS 150d Mark II LED 150W Lights
  • (4) Aputure Amaran MC Lights
  • (4)  Aputure Light Dome II Softbox
  • (1) Aputure LS 60x Hair/Specialty Light
  • Aputure Fresnel Attachment


  • Steadycam & Vest
  • Zhiyun Crane-3S Commercial Gimbal
  • Portable 3FT and 8x16FT Green Screens
  • 107″ Paper Green/White/Grey/Black Screens


  • A strong Internet connection is required for a high-quality streaming experience. We prefer 8mbps+ of sustained upstream bandwidth. A hardwire Ethernet connection is preferred, however, we are equipped with a hi-gain WiFi system. BlueSonix employs a backup LTE cellular connection, however, this should be considered use for emergencies only.
  • An HDMI video feed is delivered to the on-site projection or TV system. Our output format standard is 1080p (preferred) or 1080i. 720p is available upon request.
  • A standard power outlet is required near the location of the mobile broadcast studio command-central.
  • A minimum 6FT table or work surface, 8ft+ preferred, is required to setup the broadcasting station.