Where it Started

BlueSonix is a corporate broadcast and video production company that uses studio grade equipment and high-quality videographers to create a high-quality online Broadcast or Corporate Videos for its clients.

BlueSonix was founded by Phil Ciccone, an entrepreneur and an active Rotarian. He loves to help the Rotary Club in his free time. As the COVID-19 Pandemic took hold of this world early 2020, Phil recognized a problem that the Rotary club faced. As they couldn’t assemble together, the Rotary Club struggled to communicate its message to its members. Researching through the Internet, Phil found a void in Videography and Broadcast Companies that served such events. Nobody serviced that particular market of corporate markets.

To service that need, BlueSonix Studios was born!


Live Streaming Your In-Person, Virtual or Hybrid Function

BlueSonix provides its clients with the ability to set up a mobile livestream granting them the ability to connect with their audience live. This means that the livestream set up is not limited to one location through a desktop, hence it can be set up anywhere. A large variety of studio quality lapel and handheld mics, along with studio-grade 4K cameras are available to wirelessly connect to the livestreaming station. Additionally, onCloud can deploy Gimbal and Steadicam operators to capture live video and audio while moving, such as interviews on the floor of a trade-show. For times where special-effects or clean backgrounds are required, we can set a Greenscreen background. At the mobile broadcasting station, a proprietary software-suite is used to process the livestream, mix the audio, and process the video, in real-time, to make it look like a professional live TV broadca

Stream and Broadcast Anywhere

The client’s event can be simultaneously livestreamed on YouTube Live, Vimeo Premium and other such livestreaming service. BlueSonix also provides the option to stream on its own in-house platform at bluesonix.live. It provides the client with the ability to customize their live stream in many ways. The URL, presentation and graphics of the livestream can also be privately branded for a corporate-like, commercial-free, professional end-user experience.

The solution works more like a TV broadcast rather than a video call, hence it is easier to use and navigate for the viewer than most other options. While, most of the communication will be one way, from the event to the viewer, chat can be enabled if the client so chooses to make it a two way conversation. Zoom, Microsoft Teams or other video conference speakers can also be moved in and out of the livestream at-will truly merging on-site conferences/meetings, video conferencing and live streaming all at the same time.

Mixing It All Together

Once the event is complete, you may find that some users were unable to attend. For this reason and a variety of others, the client may request a video remix using the footage from the livestream. This means that the camera and mics will be both livestreaming and recording footage from the event at the same time. This video can be properly edited and sound mixed after the event ends by professional editors providing a clean copy to be kept in perpetuity by the customer.

A livestream can also have pre-recorded segments recorded and edited days or weeks before the livestreaming event in order to add production value to it. Pre-recorded content, Video conference participants, images, websites, application sharing and live on-stage speakers can be seamlessly mixed and overlayed into the livestream (and recorded) experience.


Corporate Video Production

There is a whole host of reasons why a company may need a video. And not all of them are event videography and advertisement. It may be a pre-recorded video of their industrial process or a training video. Once recorded, these videos can then be edited and refined. It will be shot and edited in a way that reflects a film or video production per the exact specifications of the customer.

Social Media Commercials

BlueSonix can also use its professional-grade equipment and expertise to create social media commercials. Recently, it can be noticed that  a 15 second commercial on social media has one of the highest return on investments and so it has become one of the most common forms of advertisements that can be found, and a specialty of BlueSonix to produce.

BlueSonix will help accentuate a client’s Product or Service through a professionally recorded and edited advertisement. That’s not all! The video can also include still photography, animations and can be full of sound effects to grab the viewer’s attention!

Videography for Special Events

While BlueSonix’s specialty lies with corporate events, we can and will service the non-corporate segment as well. Not withstanding the pro-bono nonprofit video production work, a client can hire us for a host of special events:  wedding, a large celebration, retirement parties or even short-films. We have the equipment and the expertise to be able to produce a video that will exceed the client’s expectation. BlueSonix camera and lighting equipment is approved for use for Netflix films.

Satisfied Customers