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At The Heart of BlueSonix

We believe that visual storytelling is an integral part of creating your brand identity. It is one of the most engaging forms of content that you can leverage to connect with your audience. A well crafted video can convey your brand’s message and capture the attention of your audience. A well placed, high quality live-stream can help you transcend your physical limitations and reach out to an audience worldwide.

And so, we made a service that will help you be able to do that and a lot more.

What We Do...

BlueSonix has three divisions of services offering Mobile Broadcast/Streaming services all the way to general film and videography services.

Live Broadcasting

BlueSonix can help your in-person event reach a virtual audience anywhere in the world. You can reach your audience through a high-quality livestream. BlueSonix bring our studio-grade broadcast and streaming equipment to your event, set it up and broadcast your event to your audience. It’s that simple!

Corporate Video & Ads

BlueSonix utilizes state-of-the-art 4K video, lighting and editing equipment to showcase your product or service to ultimately create a stunning commercial or social media advertisement. Additionally, we have experience in producing corporate videos. These can include but are not limited to employ training videos, product launches, product demonstrations and testimonials.

Videography & Film

While BlueSonix’s specialty lies with corporate events, we can and will service the non-corporate segment as well. a client can hire us for a host of special events:  wedding, a large celebration, retirement parties or even short-films. We have the equipment and the expertise to be able to produce a video that will exceed the client’s expectation.

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